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Economics/ Statistics Problems

Economics and statistics goes together, if you would get rid of one the other can have many deficits to fill. Either of the other has to complement the other and thus they go hand in hand. This presents a scenario where the students are given economics and statistical problems assignments. If one is not well informed on each of the two subjects the likelihood of failing the assignment is very high. Statistics in this case forms a way of collecting analyzing and the clarification of data to be used in the economics.

On the other hand economics presents a way in which one is able to learn and understand the behavior of the groups in a society. The way they behave and the reason as to why they behave so. This may be applied to learn into details why an individual have a certain behavior or why they don’t exhibit a certain behavior. So in general economics and statistics are essential to each other and their assignments are done according to the questions in which the student wishes are answered.

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